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Five points to know if an organization looks for talent when hire

When we start our job career we dream to reach the success, get to the top of the World.

To reach our goals we can walk alone or join an organization. If we choose the second choice it must be carefully thought. Not all organizations will give us the occasion to get it.

Not only its position in the market or its turnover, also the talent management will be important in our job career development.

We want an organization wich attract, find and retain talent.

Para poder saber si una organización apuesta por atraer y retener el talento hay ciertos comportamientos a los que podemos prestar atención y van a ayudarnos a tomar la decisión de seleccionar en dónde queremos desarrollar nuestra vida laboral.

To know if an organization bet for attract and hold talent there are some beheviours we can attend. In base of this, we can evaluate if thas organization is good for our job career.


These behaviours are:

1. They take care about people

For this organizations its employees are its more important active.

Identify the most talented workers and get their loyalty and engagement turning them into brand ambassador. Recognize the achievements, reward success and tolerate fails. All of it individually.

Group is the most important factor here. Ego must be left aside. Although this organizations treat every worker individually. They integrate workers into organization´s success.

2. They take care about communication.

Organizations wich publish their vacancies on its websites, or its social profiles. The more the ad is seen and the more response it has, the more probabilities to attract talent.

These organizations also communicate about itselves. They show how they are inside and its corporate culture. They don´t only do things, they communicate what they do and how.

Internal and external Communications are equal for them. They have internal communications channels where information flows free creating one the bigger active in the organization.

3. They look for the engagement.

Engegament between workers and organization is the basis for a long and sincere relation where two of them get a win win relationship.

Career plans are a tool wich organizations use to stablish a relationship with their workers in long term. With a career plan organizations show their intention to let its workers grow and develop inside the organization. For workers, a career plan eliminates uncertainty about their future.

4. They are socially responsible.

Responsability, honesty and credibility are values present in all socially responsible organization. These values must be projected to the outside, they must reach the talent wich they want to attract. If an organization projects a bad image to the outside talent will run away. If these organizations can attract talent they hardly can keep it.

5. They are innovative.

Organizations wich want to attract talent are in a continuos innovation and development proccess.

Innovation is an important part in talent attraction. In turn, talent feedbacks innovation. Organizations wich give conditinons and means to its workers to create and develop their projects get more from them. Also these organizations become different and place in a leading position respect its competitor.

Do you agree with this points to evaluate an organization when we look for a job? Is  important for you i fan organization take talent into account?

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Online CV for a 24/7 job search

Social network are more than a place to share and comment our friend´s pictures. They also are an space where companies and users interact.

We aren´t talking about promotions or advergaming. We are talking about companies wich use social network to recruit talent.

For companies nowadays it´s easier to contact applicants, see to their jobs, their experience and their education.

In one word, your CV it´s more accessible. And it´s easier to obtain information than in the past years.

Because of that, applicants have a real good chance to differentiate.

Applicants always must customize their CV for the company or job they are applying. Customize our CV in these days is easier, faster and less expensive that a few years ago.

There are free tools that help us to create an atractive CV. But we can not forget about content, wich is the most important element in your CV.

Once your content is ready, the best option is to create an online CV. Doing this we make sure our CV is accessible 24 hours.

Professional Networks offer us an easy way to submit our cv. The most important professional network is Linkedin. On Linkedin you can also participe on groups, create a professional contact network, send an receive messages…

What can I do if I want a more visual attractive CV? In this case, we can use re.vu a website wich create design CV from your information. There´s two ways to create your CV on this website. In the first one you can provide your information to the website. And in the second one, your Linkedin profile is imported automatically.

This is available for everybody. And we want to highlight!. So we need a different online CV.

A different CV requires more work but it results are the best. One of the most famous online CV in the world belongs to Graeme Anthony an english public relations professional. His video CV went  around the world and became famous for its use of Youtube as a tool to look for a job.

As we have seen, the best way to find a job is being different. Companies also have to be different in their talent´s search. The ideal applicant can be found searching talent in a non convencional way .

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