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Batdongsan became partner of Mitula in Vietnam

At beginning of December 2014, Batdongsan has officially cooperated with Mitula – one of the world’s leading search engines for real estate, cars and jobs. This partnership is expected to bring benefits to both in developing online information channels for real estate.

BatdongsanIn Vietnam, Batdongsan is selected to be Mitula’s partners to develop real estate portal. In the early time of partnership, the two sides will cooperate through two forms: exchanging listings and articles in the field of real estate. These will increase and diversify information sources of Batdongsan. Customers of Batdongsan will be benefited as they can access to additional sources of new information. Searching will become easier and more efficient.

Through Mitula, Batdongsan will provide better and more prompt information for searchers who are interested in Vietnam property market. Moreover, with this partnership, Batdongsan will contribute to introducing and promoting Vietnam market to international customers.

Mr. Le Xuan Truong, CEO at Batdongsan said: “Partnership with Mitula is under the frame of international cooperation with the aim of diversifying information and increasing global customers. We really hope that we can be your premium partner in the near future. Then, the majority of benefits will come to Batdongsan’s customers once they can experience such a high quality website with lots of utilities.”

By promoting extensive cooperation with enterprises operating in the same sector worldwide, Batdongsan has reaffirmed the quality, prestige and status of the most popular real estate portal in Vietnam. At present, Batdongsan is an important partner of many leading real estate companies and websites in the region and over the world, including PropertyGuru – the leading real estate media group in Southeast Asia and Asia; Zameen – the leading real estate website in Pakistan. All partners are believed and expected to help Batdongsan bring users an attractive playground, towards the mission of contributing to integration of Vietnam real estate market with the world market.

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When Are We Really Leaving Our Parents’ Homes?

Times have changed and, naturally, society tries to adapt itself to these changes. Not too long ago college students, during the last years of their college career, would find well paying jobs. Having their tuition paid for and receiving their first salary, they could start saving up.

Once they were done with their college education, they found themselves with some savings and a reasonable amount of job experience, making it not so difficult to find a job with a reasonable salary. This was the moment for college students to cut the cord and become independent from their parents.

According to a study done in the National Institute of Statistics, only 9.6% of the 18.2 million Spanish homes are being occupied by a young demographic (25-29 years old). And it sinks to an even lower 1.7% for those who haven’t turned 24 years old yet.

If we go around Europe, we’ll find that 46.6% of young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 in Italy still live with their parents. Following close is Portugal with an impressive 44.5%. In Austria we’ll find a bit of change, nevertheless, it is still 21.8% of young adults who haven’t broken away from their parents’ nest yet.

In Germany, there is a total of 17.3% followed by Belgium with 16.1%.

Lastly, we have the United Kingdom with 14.4% and then France with 11.5%.

Contrary to what one would believe, young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 in the United States don’t find independence as easy as they did a few years ago. Many of them stay in their parents’ homes until they are able to form their own families. We’re talking about 13.9% of young adults who decide not to leave their parents’ homes.

If we continue our trip through the Americas, we will find very interesting data in South America.

The average of young adults between 15 and 24 years of age that have emancipated themselves is of 13.5%, in fact, they have even formed their own family.

We can notice the distinct difference that exists between countries, we find extremes like Brazil where 23.3% of young adults are the owners of their homes and in the other extreme we find Chile where only 6.6% of young adults are in the same situation.

It is also important to notice the difference amongst gender and regions. The amount of young women who own their own home is larger than the amount of men their same age.

Also, young adults in rural zones become independent much before those who live in urban areas.

This leads us to Argentina, where the average of young adults between 15 and 24 years of age who still live with their parents is 13.2%. Similar to Mexico, where the average is of 11.4%.

Much of these statistics are dependent on their country’s economy, but the larger part of these statistics is due to social characteristics and customs of each country.

In an ideal world, and following a logical chronology, young adults should decide what they want to study in college, be able to get the job they yearn for, and lastly, create the family they want.

Unfortunately, reality is much different. Young adults nowadays have to take these decisions simultaneously. Many of them face the need of having to help their families during economic hardships, and so they study while they work. This situation only gets worse once they leave their parents’ homes and reaches an even lower point when they form a family.

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We have reached 100 000 000 ads!!

mitula has reached 100 000.000 clasiffied ads for homes, cars and jobs.

From august to nowadays, just in less than a year, we have jumped from 50 000 000 to 100 000 000 classified ads. We have doubled in only a few months all we achieved from we started four years ago to now.

But we have still so much work to do. We must keep working hard to show you the best classified ads in each one or the 31 countries where we are.


There are three responsibles of the fact we could reach 100 000 000 classified ads:

In first place, every of the 15 000 000 unique users who visit us every month. With all your searchs you have helped us to grow day by day. Thanks to you, we are one of the world´s most important classified ads search engine.

In second place, we say thanks to the more than 3 000 partners who rely on us. All of you who send us your classified ads for homes, cars and jobs.

In third place, thanks to our team. Thanks to all of you to make possible to our users to find in an easy and fast way, and make possible our partner´s ads reach more and qualified traffic to your websites.

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Energy efficiency at home

Energy efficiency is one of the main factor in home sustainability.

Appart from energy efficiency, homes can be more sustainable if energy come from renewable energies.

Matching these factors we can get a self-sufficient home.

Let´s see how it can be done and its benefits.

Reduce energy consumption

Some aspects we must attend to reduce energy consumption.

- Energy efficient electronics – each new generation of electronics have better features and less energy consumption. Depending on the geographic area there are different regulations for that.

- Isolation – a properly isolated home can save 30% in energy necessary for heating.

Room temperature is another point to take into account. Recommended temperature is 20º. For each adicional degree consumption increases in 5%.

- Use natural light as much as you can – we´ll decrease energy consumption with this simple tip. For lights we can choose low consumption lightbulbs, or even better led lightbulbs wich are much more efficient.

Generate our own energy

We can combine previous tips with renewable energy sources and get a more energy efficient home.

- Renewable energies – we can get electricity, hot water and heating from solar pannels. Another choice can be wind energy using a turbine.

- for the heating we can choose a biomass boiler.

Image source: http://www.solarpowercost.org/solar-roof-tiles/solar-roof-tiles

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mitula arrives to Ecuador

Welcome on board Ecuador!

Ecuador is the new country where mitula is making homescars  and jobs classified ads searches easier and faster.

With our arrival to Ecuador we are present in 31 countries, and growing!

Ecuador is a northwestern country in South America. Ecuador has an extension os 283.561 square kms. and its population is nearby 15 million people.

Ecuador also has an incredible natural beaty. Ecuador is crossed from North to South by the Andes. In the East we find the Amazon. And 1000 kms from the coast we find the Galapagos Islands. As a curiosity, Ecuador has the highest concentration of rivers per square meter in the World.

Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador
Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador by Dabit100 / David Torres Costales (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)


Quito is Ecuador´s capital, and its population is a little bit more than 2.200.000 million people. Quito also is the most important city in economics and politics. Quito also was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Oil, bananas and cocoa are the main products in Ecuatorian exports. Although is algo very strong in wood export. Ecuador also subscribes some International commerce treaties and belongs to some International economic agencies.

If we look to the Internet, where ecuatorians are going to take advantage of mitula´s ease and quick searches for homes, cars and job. In Ecuador there are 5.5 million people connected to the Internet, around the 37% of its population. This percent perhaps is not too high but looking to the future there are big chances to grow.

Quito, Ecuador´s capital
Quito, Ecuador´s capital by Patricio Mena Vásconez (Own work) [Public domain


Closely related with Internet connection is e-commerce. Ecuador has grown from 31 to 680.000 million dólar in just ten years. this is a show of how ecuatorians are every time more and more confident with Internet usage. This fact is good news for us, because ecuatorians will search online for homes, cars and job more and more.

At the moment we are negotiating with the ecuatorians main classified ads portals for homes, cars and jobs to get more and more ads for our users.

Despite of this, we are beside our International Partners which are in Ecuador yet. Due to this is possible for the users to find homes, cars and jobs in Ecuador in an easy and fast way.

In our homes vertical we are listing classified ads from Nexolocal,  Alamaula and Bienes Online as main partners.

If the search is for a car Nexolocal will be beside us again. Alamaula and Foto Autos also will be there.

finally, if is a job search,  Nexolocal y and Bumeran are beside us as main job portals

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mitula arrives to Romania!

Welcome on board Romania!

Since last week mitula helps you to find homes, cars and jobs in an easy and fast way in Romania. Our url in Romania is www.mitula.ro. With our arrival to Romania mitula is present in 30 countries. And growing!

Romania is a Southeastern country in Europe. Romania has an extension of 238.391 square kilometers and 21,5 million people. In 2007 Romania joined the UE. In Danubio´s shore we find Bucarest, the capital. Bucarest has 2,5 million people and is the most important industrial, commercial and cultural city.

Bucharest Panorama http://tiberiusahly.deviantart.com/

If we have a look to the Internet in Romania, a 36% of its population is connected. Perhaps it seems to be not a big percent, but there is a strategical plan from government to reach 85% in 2015. This fact adds an incredible growing potential to Romania.

Romanian Internet user is everyday more open to trade online. Online buyers are growing slow but safe. Their principal interests is getting good quality products cheaper than in tradicional shops.

Mobile Internet has a similar percent of use as traditional connection. So there is big expectations in this area to grow.

Our first step will be beside the main classified ads portals in each vertical. Homes, cars and jobs will be easier to find thanks to these relationships.

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Autor – http://www.flickr.com/photos/daytona_k/ Daytona_k

On home searches, we will be beside imopedia the second most important property ads in Romania. But we are dealing with other partner to show even more ads.

On job searches eJobs  the main portal for job ads in Romania is beside us. We have also the support from myjob, netjobs and infomunca.

In last place, for our car searches mobile is beside us. This partner has one particularity, you can search for an used car and also for new cars.

Anothe partner wich is supporting us is varianteauto. In its portal you could search not only used cars for sale, you could even Exchange your car for another.

Welcome on board Romania!

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