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Safe house, quiet holidays

Holidays are that time we think about the whole year to rest and disconnect from rutine. We also take to do that things se can´t do during the rest of the year.

Is the time to left rush and worries at home and take only the suitcase and the camera.

Taking some precautions at home we will fint it in the same conditions as we went.

Here are 10 easy ways wich helps us to get it:

1. Electrical devices

If we unplug the electrical devices wich are not esential, we´ll reduce shortcircuit risk and the fire risk it has.

Another advantage of unplug electrical devices is reduce the Plug ghost power consumption.

It will also protect our devices from overcharges in case of mains overvoltage

2. Shut off water and gas supply

When we shut off water and gas supply, if we have it installed, we are avoiding  flooding risk, or even worst, gas accumulation with a risk of explosion.

In case of a leak in any tap we also save money and water.

3. Install an alarm

Installing an alarm at our house will disuade burglars. If is possible, the alarm should be connected to the police, wich make it safier.

If an alarm is not enough, we can also install a cctv to identify burglars and have total control of our homes while we are out.

If we can´t afford for an alarm or cctv, we can use some signs advising about an alarm system or camera or alarm sensor models.

4. Don´t speak about valuable objects we have and don´t store them at home.

Walls have ears is really appropiate here. Speaking about our Jewels, electronics, works of art… will attract burglar´s attention. The less we speak our belongings in public the more safe we will be.

We can take some measures as having a strongbox or renting a safe-deposit box in a bank.

5. Left closed and reinforced all the possible entrances to the house.

Every door, Windows or even the chimney can be used as an entrance point to the house.

Before leaving we must close and ensure them, hindering the maximum to be oponed from the outside,

7. Don´t comment in public.

Although we were wishing to go on holidays or that travel we are waiting for months, we must avoid to share departure and return dates. Also we must not give any clue about them.

We will also be really careful about social media.  We never post a comment or a picture of our holidays just when take it. Burglars are smart and they monitorized social media to choose their new victims.

Going back to tradition, we won´t left a message saying we are out in our answering machine.

8. Simulate someone is at home.

Using a programmer to turn lights on and off, ask a neighbour to lift and low the persians, and took letters from the mailbox.

9. Exterior maintenance.

Clean access areas of leaves, dirty… or keep Hedges pruned. Do not store old furniture or ustensils gives the images of a dewlling house. And in worst case, burglars can not hide behing them.

10. Cleanning.

We pay attention to food and perishable products. If there´s a risk of spoil we must avoid it if we don´t want to find odor and a plague of insects when return.

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Tourism as you want

When we hear holidays everyday is less common the image of palms in a white beach and blue sea in our minds.

In the past few years some kind of tourism has reached. This fact have made dissapear umbrellas and towels from the beach.

Nowdays ther are a wide range of options to spent our holidays. We can choose them according our likes, our budget and our time. In the following lines we are going to show you some kinds of tourism:

Adventure tourism

Adventure tourism gives you new and exciting experiencies. Risky sports are related to this kind of tourism. At first sight it seems to be the opposite for vacation, but some people really loves it.

Cultural tourism

Anothe king of tourism wich is gaining followers year by year is cultural tourism. In this case, cultural tourists don´t spent much time resting. Do sightseeing, visiting museums, monuments or enjoy regional food… don´t left enough time to rest if you want to make the most of your travel.

mitula cultural tourism
Image source: http://loretahur.nirudia.com/129

Film and tv tourism

We add film and tv tourism as a new kind of tourism to the list. Films and tv shows are followed by millions of people. This have made that some places which appears on the screens are now visited by lot of followers.

Thanks to this fact, some places have became really famous, and it isn´t strange to see a follower posing as movie stars.

Tourism as the means of transport           

Another factor wich create different kind of tourism is transport. For example, we can choose a bicycle. In this case we will have chosen cicloturism, an interesting option for those sports enthusiastic.

If we aren´t so sporty, we can drive. We can drive a caravan if we like to camp but not the disadvantages of a tent. Or we can choose to ride a motorbike, if we like  to devour kilometers riding our bikes.

mitula cicloturism tourism

Image source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/avoyali/3476162010/in/photostream/

We are consciuous that there are more kind of tourism we don´t mention today, so we encourage you to share your experiencies with them.

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