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Job Space, our new partner for job searching in South Africa

JobSpace is a South African job site featuring job and CV search. Submit CVs and list jobs on a simple web interface.



JobSpace permits you to search by:
> Category: accounting, Banking & Finance, Hospitality, Sciente, Tourism, IT, Retail, Marketing, Media & Comunication, Transports & Logistics, Sales, Legal, Agriculture, others.
> Region:
   - Provinces: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape
   - Cities: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Germiston, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria


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We have reached 100 000 000 ads!!

mitula has reached 100 000.000 clasiffied ads for homes, cars and jobs.

From august to nowadays, just in less than a year, we have jumped from 50 000 000 to 100 000 000 classified ads. We have doubled in only a few months all we achieved from we started four years ago to now.

But we have still so much work to do. We must keep working hard to show you the best classified ads in each one or the 31 countries where we are.


There are three responsibles of the fact we could reach 100 000 000 classified ads:

In first place, every of the 15 000 000 unique users who visit us every month. With all your searchs you have helped us to grow day by day. Thanks to you, we are one of the world´s most important classified ads search engine.

In second place, we say thanks to the more than 3 000 partners who rely on us. All of you who send us your classified ads for homes, cars and jobs.

In third place, thanks to our team. Thanks to all of you to make possible to our users to find in an easy and fast way, and make possible our partner´s ads reach more and qualified traffic to your websites.

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mitulatips, our tips to help you to find when you search and to enjoy it when you have found it

In mitula we want to help you to find the home, the car or the job you are searching in an easy and fast way. We want also to help you with the best information to do that search and to enjoy it the most once you have found it.

That´s why we have created our mitulatips.

With our mitulatips we want to give you information about each of our three search areas:

- Homesmitulatips for homes will be those tips from how to decorate to have more space at home or tips to handle a move in the best way. Everything wich could help you and be related to your home.

- Carsmitulatips for cars will be those tips from efficient driving to checkpoints when buying an used car or security tips to avoids thefts. As you can see, this tips will help to find the car you search and to enjoy it the most.

- Jobsmitulatips for jobs will be those tips wich give you the clues from prepare a job interview to design your Business card or how to act in your company to improve your position.


Where can be found these mitulatips?

There are few ways to find this mitulatips:

- Blog – now from this moment you will be able to find our mitulatips in this blog grouped by homes, cars or jobs.

But the best way to be up to date for our tips is reading our blog everyday. Suscribe our rss and receive all the updates just when we publish.

- Social Networks – you can also find our mitulatips in our profiles on social Networks.

- Facebook – in our Facebook Fanpage you can find our mitulatips and share them with your friends. You can find them on our wall and on our albums:

- mitulatips for homes

- mitulatips for cars

- mitulatips for jobs

- Twitter – on our Twitter profile @mitula_int  you will find our mitulatips condensed in 140 characters.

- Pinterest – On our boards:

- mitulatips for homes

- mitulatips for cars

- mitulatips for jobs

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mitula arrives to Ecuador

Welcome on board Ecuador!

Ecuador is the new country where mitula is making homescars  and jobs classified ads searches easier and faster.

With our arrival to Ecuador we are present in 31 countries, and growing!

Ecuador is a northwestern country in South America. Ecuador has an extension os 283.561 square kms. and its population is nearby 15 million people.

Ecuador also has an incredible natural beaty. Ecuador is crossed from North to South by the Andes. In the East we find the Amazon. And 1000 kms from the coast we find the Galapagos Islands. As a curiosity, Ecuador has the highest concentration of rivers per square meter in the World.

Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador
Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador by Dabit100 / David Torres Costales (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)


Quito is Ecuador´s capital, and its population is a little bit more than 2.200.000 million people. Quito also is the most important city in economics and politics. Quito also was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Oil, bananas and cocoa are the main products in Ecuatorian exports. Although is algo very strong in wood export. Ecuador also subscribes some International commerce treaties and belongs to some International economic agencies.

If we look to the Internet, where ecuatorians are going to take advantage of mitula´s ease and quick searches for homes, cars and job. In Ecuador there are 5.5 million people connected to the Internet, around the 37% of its population. This percent perhaps is not too high but looking to the future there are big chances to grow.

Quito, Ecuador´s capital
Quito, Ecuador´s capital by Patricio Mena Vásconez (Own work) [Public domain


Closely related with Internet connection is e-commerce. Ecuador has grown from 31 to 680.000 million dólar in just ten years. this is a show of how ecuatorians are every time more and more confident with Internet usage. This fact is good news for us, because ecuatorians will search online for homes, cars and job more and more.

At the moment we are negotiating with the ecuatorians main classified ads portals for homes, cars and jobs to get more and more ads for our users.

Despite of this, we are beside our International Partners which are in Ecuador yet. Due to this is possible for the users to find homes, cars and jobs in Ecuador in an easy and fast way.

In our homes vertical we are listing classified ads from Nexolocal,  Alamaula and Bienes Online as main partners.

If the search is for a car Nexolocal will be beside us again. Alamaula and Foto Autos also will be there.

finally, if is a job search,  Nexolocal y and Bumeran are beside us as main job portals

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Job searches goes vertical

Vertical searches are going more and more important in last years.

But… what is a vertical search? Vertical searches are those wich are made in pages with the same thematic. So if we search in an general search engine about a specific car, we´ll get lots of results with the searched term. If we search in a vertical search engine, for example, as mitula, we´ll get only ads about that car.

What can do vertical search engines for us?

This type or search engines in first place offers comfort. It searches on several pages at the same time. It can vary from a dozen to hundreds, depending on the search engine influence.

In the other hand  it offers also effectiveness. We are going to receive much more results.

Lastly it gives us quality. All results has been previously filtered, so we receive exactly what we are looking for.

All this advantages are for users.

Companies are also benefited by vertical search engines. It´s an important help to their traffic. Vertical search engines increase traffic and  redirects high quality traffic.

In second place, vertical search engines makes possible to reach more users.

Instead some classified ads websites could think, vertical search engines aren´t its competence. Vertical search engines boosts and enhance their business.

But companies can also take advantage of this type of searches. For example, using sectorial directories. They can use them for search exactly the profile they need.

So, they can select specificly that profile that matches in their needs. Companies save time classifying applicants.

Companies use sectorial directories to find apllicants.

Some portals, as Property Portal Watch offer this sectorial directories. In this way apllicants and companies get in touch about the real estate area.

And what about you, users and companies, are you agree with our words?  What´s your favourite vertical search engine feature? And your less liked?

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