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The Ugliest Cars

Throughout history, there have been hundreds of cars designed and manufactured, many have earned their reputation for their beautiful and elegant design. Although, many cars have driven through their time and straight to history due to their ridiculous design, bizarre shapes, and all around absurd looks. For cars like these, it was inevitable becoming a joke. Some of these vehicles were fabricated in masses, but then there´s others that were constructed because of their owners strong desire.

One of the models that caused the loudest laughter when it would pass by was the “Peel P50,” which was produced between 1962 and 1965. A total of fifty units were built and it holds the record of being the smallest mass produced car in the world. This car was unable to reverse, instead it had a lever in the back of the vehicle that you could use to park or wiggle around where you had to. It had one door on the left side, one headlight, and three wheels.

The Sultan of Brunei, apart from having a vast collection of luxury cars, is also the owner of some of the tackiest cars in the planet. One very good example is a Rolls-Royce that he used in one of his weddings, plated in gold, with moldings of the same material in the roof, and hubcaps contrasted in gold. The car also has a sun roof in the back part, that once opened reveals a large sofa in yellow upholstery, and to protect himself from the sun he incorporated a large baldachin made of fancy tapestries in his roof. Without a doubt, this is some very expensive car decorations for a result that hurts the eyes and offends good taste.

In the year 1974, Aston Martin came out on the market the Lagonda model, with a design that looked much like a large coffin with wheels, which has been considered throughout history as one of the ugliest models of all time. This design was very surprising for a brand as exclusive as Aston Martin and for a car at such a high price.

The first generation FIAT Multipla is one of the most criticized modern cars and it is considered to be one of the ugliest modern cars. In fact, it received an award for being the ugliest car in 1999 by the English television show “Top Gear.” What makes this car so ugly specifically is the design on the front, between the hood and the windshield of the car, where you find the two headlights.

Source of images: chego-chego y CARLOS62

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Younger, pricier, but better: Trends in used car sales

Today we are proud to show you the article sent by our Partner carsb2b.

carsb2bLeipzig, 04. June 2012. As shown in a report by the Deutsches Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the used car market has changed drastically over the last 10 years – largely in favor of buyers. New features like the car-scrap bonus and cheap leasing offers for new cars have led to a 17.3% increase in turnover. On average, cars are more expensive than before, but there’s a good reason for that: Last year’s models were the youngest ever. For this reason, many buyers now choose to purchase used cars.

Trendy: Low repair costs

In 2011, a total of 66.3 billion euros changed hands on the German used car market. With it, about 6.8 million used cars changed owners. The primary reason for this massive transfer of funds was positive development on the German auto market. Good deals on new cars led car owners to make the decision to update their models, whether in order to get reduced gas mileage or better accessories. And the models that then went on offer aren’t at all bad. They have lower repair costs on average. While these may have amounted to 169 euros in 1998, only about 15 euros are needed for repairs on a used car that is two years old in the first six months after purchase.

Different sales venues

Over 35% of these models were sold in new car dealerships, while 44% were sold privately. The high quality of the cars was well received abroad as well. Especially in East European countries, they enjoyed high demand – even though better quality meant higher prices (another market trend). In 2011, the average price for such a car was 9,740 euros. In 2010, it had been about 1,000 euros less. What’s more, the DAT report showed that male buyers paid more overall. Women proved to have more of a knack for finding bargains: Although they paid around 7,500 euros on average, men were prepared to fork over more than 11,000 euros.

Source: www.carsb2b.de (Autohandel unter Gewerbetreibenden: sicher & seriös mit carsb2b.de)

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We have reached 100 000 000 ads!!

mitula has reached 100 000.000 clasiffied ads for homes, cars and jobs.

From august to nowadays, just in less than a year, we have jumped from 50 000 000 to 100 000 000 classified ads. We have doubled in only a few months all we achieved from we started four years ago to now.

But we have still so much work to do. We must keep working hard to show you the best classified ads in each one or the 31 countries where we are.


There are three responsibles of the fact we could reach 100 000 000 classified ads:

In first place, every of the 15 000 000 unique users who visit us every month. With all your searchs you have helped us to grow day by day. Thanks to you, we are one of the world´s most important classified ads search engine.

In second place, we say thanks to the more than 3 000 partners who rely on us. All of you who send us your classified ads for homes, cars and jobs.

In third place, thanks to our team. Thanks to all of you to make possible to our users to find in an easy and fast way, and make possible our partner´s ads reach more and qualified traffic to your websites.

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mitula arrives to Ecuador

Welcome on board Ecuador!

Ecuador is the new country where mitula is making homescars  and jobs classified ads searches easier and faster.

With our arrival to Ecuador we are present in 31 countries, and growing!

Ecuador is a northwestern country in South America. Ecuador has an extension os 283.561 square kms. and its population is nearby 15 million people.

Ecuador also has an incredible natural beaty. Ecuador is crossed from North to South by the Andes. In the East we find the Amazon. And 1000 kms from the coast we find the Galapagos Islands. As a curiosity, Ecuador has the highest concentration of rivers per square meter in the World.

Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador
Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador by Dabit100 / David Torres Costales (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)


Quito is Ecuador´s capital, and its population is a little bit more than 2.200.000 million people. Quito also is the most important city in economics and politics. Quito also was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Oil, bananas and cocoa are the main products in Ecuatorian exports. Although is algo very strong in wood export. Ecuador also subscribes some International commerce treaties and belongs to some International economic agencies.

If we look to the Internet, where ecuatorians are going to take advantage of mitula´s ease and quick searches for homes, cars and job. In Ecuador there are 5.5 million people connected to the Internet, around the 37% of its population. This percent perhaps is not too high but looking to the future there are big chances to grow.

Quito, Ecuador´s capital
Quito, Ecuador´s capital by Patricio Mena Vásconez (Own work) [Public domain


Closely related with Internet connection is e-commerce. Ecuador has grown from 31 to 680.000 million dólar in just ten years. this is a show of how ecuatorians are every time more and more confident with Internet usage. This fact is good news for us, because ecuatorians will search online for homes, cars and job more and more.

At the moment we are negotiating with the ecuatorians main classified ads portals for homes, cars and jobs to get more and more ads for our users.

Despite of this, we are beside our International Partners which are in Ecuador yet. Due to this is possible for the users to find homes, cars and jobs in Ecuador in an easy and fast way.

In our homes vertical we are listing classified ads from Nexolocal,  Alamaula and Bienes Online as main partners.

If the search is for a car Nexolocal will be beside us again. Alamaula and Foto Autos also will be there.

finally, if is a job search,  Nexolocal y and Bumeran are beside us as main job portals

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mitula arrives to Romania!

Welcome on board Romania!

Since last week mitula helps you to find homes, cars and jobs in an easy and fast way in Romania. Our url in Romania is www.mitula.ro. With our arrival to Romania mitula is present in 30 countries. And growing!

Romania is a Southeastern country in Europe. Romania has an extension of 238.391 square kilometers and 21,5 million people. In 2007 Romania joined the UE. In Danubio´s shore we find Bucarest, the capital. Bucarest has 2,5 million people and is the most important industrial, commercial and cultural city.

Bucharest Panorama http://tiberiusahly.deviantart.com/

If we have a look to the Internet in Romania, a 36% of its population is connected. Perhaps it seems to be not a big percent, but there is a strategical plan from government to reach 85% in 2015. This fact adds an incredible growing potential to Romania.

Romanian Internet user is everyday more open to trade online. Online buyers are growing slow but safe. Their principal interests is getting good quality products cheaper than in tradicional shops.

Mobile Internet has a similar percent of use as traditional connection. So there is big expectations in this area to grow.

Our first step will be beside the main classified ads portals in each vertical. Homes, cars and jobs will be easier to find thanks to these relationships.

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Autor – http://www.flickr.com/photos/daytona_k/ Daytona_k

On home searches, we will be beside imopedia the second most important property ads in Romania. But we are dealing with other partner to show even more ads.

On job searches eJobs  the main portal for job ads in Romania is beside us. We have also the support from myjob, netjobs and infomunca.

In last place, for our car searches mobile is beside us. This partner has one particularity, you can search for an used car and also for new cars.

Anothe partner wich is supporting us is varianteauto. In its portal you could search not only used cars for sale, you could even Exchange your car for another.

Welcome on board Romania!

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Tips to choose an used car. 1. Inside the car

Some objects will never be bought once they have been used. But this doesn´t happen with cars and bikes.

We buy used cars for many reasons as collecting, can´t buy a new one or the famous and loved first car.

We must take some cautions about used cars market. So we are telling details you should pay attention in each car part.

If we buy our used car in a car dealer we´ll have a warranty. This warranty vary from one country to another according to its laws.

These dealers offers cars in good conditions. In theory, we are not having problems. And they are not going to cheat on mileage, non-existing equipment or hidden breakdowns.

If we buy our to a private person, then we must be careful. Hidden breakdowns, reduced mileage, equipment in bad conditions… can be more expensive to fix that the money we have spent in the car.

Luckily, there are more honest people than liars. But we can´t check it until we have the car and we drive it for a time.

But we can pay attention to some details to unmask cheaters.

Inside the car there are a lot of clues to check if mileage and condition are credible.

What we should check inside the car?

- Steering wheel, gear lever and indicators – is easy to check this element´s wear. If wear is high and mileage is low we should suspect.

Detail of a worn steering wheel

- Seats – wear in the outside shows lot of use. Another point in seats is firmness. A seat used for a long time period is softer than the other seats. Compare driver´s seat with the other seats to be sure.

Detail of a worn seat

- Door panels – another part to check. If panels are worn or not fixed we must be aware.

- Seatbelts – Too much wear in connection or difficulties to roll again show us a large.

- Dashboard and glove comparment – we must check for traces made by taximeters or other gadgets. Some people try to sell a working car as a private person car.

- Electrical – under the dashboard we can see some cables. If they are manipulated by a non professional personal can be dangerous.

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