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February top 5 most read articles on mitula´s blog

Today we collect the five most read articoles on our blog during february.

We want to give you the chance to remember or read for first time the contents you have considered the most interesting.


mitula arrives to Romania!

mitula arrives to romania


Convert your website in a mobile app

mitula convert your website in a mobile app


The e-mail is dead. Long live the e-mail.mitula the email is dead long life the email


Tips to choose an used car. 1. Inside the car

mitula tips to choose an used car


Movie cars on mitula

mitula movie cars

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Convert your website in a mobile app

“The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” This was one of the most revolutionaries sentences on Internet on 2011 written on Wired.

As they said on the article, every day we spent more and more time online. But instead of websites now we do it trough mobile apps.

This fact can be explained by Internet mobile connections growth in the last years. This devices has made that apps displace websites from its screens.

Does this mean that our efforts and time inverted on our websites is now worthless?

Luckily this effort is still quite useful and worth. Websites still have good health. And best of all, you can convert your website in a mobile app without too much suffering.

There are different options to convert our website in an Android or iOS apps, the main mobile operative systems on the apps market.


Using its features we need only a few clicks to create our Android app from our website´s url. In the following video you can see how it works.

There are more options to transform our website in an Android, iOS or Windows Phone apps. Even in the same provider we can create the three apss for three operative systems.


Appmakr allos us to create an app for iPhone. We can create a customized lay-out. Even we can earn an extra money displaying advertising through our app.

In the following video you can see what can be done, this time focused on iOS.


This is another choice to create not just our mobile app but our Chrome´s app. We can choose between free and paid service. If we choose the free one some advertisign will be shown. To avoid advertising we should choose the paid one.

In the following video you can see what can be done.

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Everybody can use Mobile marketing

Let technology work for us. Why don´t create a 24/7 costumer service center? Why clients can´t resolve their dubts watching a video?

Technology brings us huge posibilities. You as a mitula partner know what we are talking about.

Above all, the technology we carry in our pockets, the smartphones.

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more important in marketing departments inside companies.

Big companies get the biggest part, thanks to its big budgets. But little and medium companies (SMEs) can take this powerful tool for their interests.

Users have accepted very fast this new marketing and the new Mobile Internet. Spain or UK are over 30% of smartphone market rate. In the USA this rate it´s nearly 40%. And in China it´s about 30%.

Most of these users are wishing to use their smartphones to find an answer to their questions about products. And use their smartphones to get information about their shoppings.

How can we reach these users?

The first thing to do is to adapt our website to these gadgets. The way to it it´s reducing content. Make easier the navigability. And make the lay out more visual than textual.

Once our client are in front of our showcase, it´s difficult that clients type our website on their browsers.

It´s time for the qr codes.

Qr codes are codebars that store information. This information can be costumized and we can choose what we want to be shown. There´s a lot of posibilities to include, urls, videos, podcast…

To create these codes, we just need a qr code generator.

Introduce the content we want to be displayed and click on the generate button.

Doing this we can create so many codes as we need with the content we want.



Qr code example linking to mitula´s blog


Once we have generated our code we only have to save the image. Then we can use it on ads, business cards, company cars… everywhere it could be printed.

To read it, we just need an app. Luckyly, most smartphones have installed this app, so you only need to use the camera.

So we can put into the client´s smartphone an ad, video, website… just in the same place and moment they read our code. This makes possible to show an interactive tour showing a house, pictures if we are showing a car, or conditions on a job ad…

If our budget is big enough we can create our own app for smartphones.

These apps are quite useful for clients. In their smartphones they can check the stock or products. They also can compare prices, product properties… and the big deal, buy!

This apps are an effective tool to engage clients and interact with them. But there´s a problem with this. We need to create an app for every operative system available.

Qr codes and apps are only two of the posibilities we have in mobile marketing to improve our relationship with clients.

In next entries we will continue giving ideas about mobile marketing tools and everything we can get throught them.

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