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Ford Mustang: 50 Years of Pure Muscle

This year, the legendary Ford Mustang turns 50 years old. It seems that time has not passed for Ford’s Pony. Every year, the Mustang becomes more impressive and with better features. Get comfortable, because we’re about to take a ride through the Mustang’s history.

 We’ll start in the early 60’s, when the Ford Thunderbird sales began decreasing in an alarming rate. At this point, European cars started becoming the new automotive fashion.

It was at this point that Lee Iacocca asked Gene Bordinat for the design of a new “concept car.” The result was a convertible two-seater, with a 4 cylinder motor and a horsepower of 109.

A year later, Joe Oros was put in charge of designing a second prototype. This prototype was a smaller, lighter model, with a design that emitted both strength and sportsmanship. The Ford Mustang was born.

 This trip through Mustang’s lifespan will be completed in six stages. So, strap your seat belts, because here we go:

Stage 1

In spring of 1964, at the New York International Auto Show, Ford presented their new model, the Mustang.

The first day it went on sale, there were 20,000 units sold. A very pleasant surprise for the entire team at Ford.

That same year, Ford closed Mustang sales with almost half a million cars sold.

The directors at Ford did not want to lose this remarkable start and, so, decided to hire Carrol Shelby, creator of the Fastback body, and the man who would then develop the famous Shelby GT 350, with an impressive 8 cylinder motor and a horsepower of 306. An animal in its day.

A year later, it was time for the more symbolic model in the Ford family, the GT 500 with a V8 of 355 horsepower under its hood.

Stage 2

Next, we arrive in 1974, where they decide to reduce the model in both size and weight. This time, they’ll come out with two models: of 4 and 6 cylinders. To make up for this, the interior of the cars were of greater quality.

Even though, Ford was offering an automobile that was less sporty but more elegant, they were able to sell 386,000 units the first year.

The models Cobra II and King Cobra were the most symbolic of the brand during this second stage.

We cannot close this stage without mentioning the T-Top model of Mustang: the first convertible car with a roof made of removable crystal panels, designed in 1977.

Stage 3

During the mid 80’s, the most charismatic model cameo ut on the market: the Ford Mustang SVO. A model with a front completely different to the to base model that had a motor of 2.3L, capable of developing 175 HP.

In 1986 they decided to change the carburetor of their V8 for an electronic gasoline injection system. This change  entailed a motor that offered 225 HP.

Before finalizing this stage, Ford asked for a limited versión of 107 units, taking advantage of the fact that they were turning 25 years old. Here, the Mustang SVT Cobra R was born, with a motor of 5L and 235 HP.

Stage 4

It was 1994 when a new model arrived with softer and more aerodynamic exterior lines.

During this stage, in 1996, the Ford Mustang Cobra makes its appearance. The Mustang Cobra came with a motor of 4.6L with a twin overhead camshaft. And in 1998 its 4.6L motor of 215 HP exceeded itself and got 10 more horsepower.

In 1999, Ford decided to move on to a new phase. The design “New Edge” characterized itself for its rougher and more muscular aesthetics. It was in this same year when the Team of Special Vehicles decided to create a new model based on the Cobra.  For this car, they set up a propellant of 5.4 DOHC (twin camshaft) of 385 HP with a manual gearbox of 6 speeds.

Now, we have arrived in 2001, when Ford decides to prepare a version inspired by the Mustang GT 390. The same one that Steve McQueen drove in the 1968 film, Bullitt.

The success of the Mustang in the American market was so large that Pontiac and Chevrolet decided to suspend the production of their sports cars (the Firebird and the Camaro, respectively). Facing the absence of its rivals, the Mustang galloped all alone through the American dealerships and decided to increase their range with the Mach I with a V8 motor of 305 HP.

Stage 5

In this stage comes a completely retro image based on the model of 1964. Depending on the version, you could choose between a 4L V6 of 202 HP or a 4.6L V8 of 300 HP.

Halfway through 2006, Carrol Shelby rescues the beast that is the GT 500 and makes it a 5.4L V8 capable of giving 500 HP.

Although, he was not happy with the power of the GT 500, so Mr. Shelby designed the GT 500 Super Snake: with a touched up 5.4L V8 motor with 750 HP. An incredible “muscle car.”

In Detroit in 2009 the new GT 500 was presented with a motor of 540 HP  =and 6.200 rpm.

At the end of that same year the Mustang GT appears with a 5L V8 motor and 412 HP. For such a powerful car, the technicians were able to reduce the consumption.

In September 2010, the Ford teams shows once more that they have no limits when it comes to making their Pony more muscular. This time they release to the market the Shelby Mustang GT 500 Super Snake: 810 HP with a motor or 5.4L V8.

If you thought they could not create a more powerful model, you’re wrong, because in April 2012 a new version arrives: the Shelby Mustang 1,000. Created by the great Carrol Shelby who decided  to name his 1,100 HP motor after himself.

Stage 6

In 2013, Bill Ford, Executive President of Ford Motor Company, presents the sixth generation of the Mustang in Barcelona, opening the market to Europe for the first time in Mustang history.

With this, we have arrived at the Mustang 2014 with two different versions: 5.0L V8 of 426 HP and the 3.7L V6. But with the novelty of a new EcoBoost motor of 2.3L, it is capable of developing 309 HP.

To celebrate their 50th birthday, the Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition was designed. It is a new edition, limited to 1,964 units, which will be characterized by those who remember the original from 1965.

The Mustang 50th Anniversary was developed based on the Mustang GT 2015 fastback. It’s motor: 5.0L V8 of 420 HP.

The Mustang Convertible 50th Anniversary Edition is the convertible version of this edition. Of this version, only one unit has been created.

From Mitula, we want to congratulate Ford for its 50th anniversary and we want to thank ghdm for all of the experiences we’ve lived in a Mustang. Want to know more? In Mitula have over 1,500 listings in Ford Mustang

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