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Batdongsan became partner of Mitula in Vietnam

At beginning of December 2014, Batdongsan has officially cooperated with Mitula – one of the world’s leading search engines for real estate, cars and jobs. This partnership is expected to bring benefits to both in developing online information channels for real estate.

BatdongsanIn Vietnam, Batdongsan is selected to be Mitula’s partners to develop real estate portal. In the early time of partnership, the two sides will cooperate through two forms: exchanging listings and articles in the field of real estate. These will increase and diversify information sources of Batdongsan. Customers of Batdongsan will be benefited as they can access to additional sources of new information. Searching will become easier and more efficient.

Through Mitula, Batdongsan will provide better and more prompt information for searchers who are interested in Vietnam property market. Moreover, with this partnership, Batdongsan will contribute to introducing and promoting Vietnam market to international customers.

Mr. Le Xuan Truong, CEO at Batdongsan said: “Partnership with Mitula is under the frame of international cooperation with the aim of diversifying information and increasing global customers. We really hope that we can be your premium partner in the near future. Then, the majority of benefits will come to Batdongsan’s customers once they can experience such a high quality website with lots of utilities.”

By promoting extensive cooperation with enterprises operating in the same sector worldwide, Batdongsan has reaffirmed the quality, prestige and status of the most popular real estate portal in Vietnam. At present, Batdongsan is an important partner of many leading real estate companies and websites in the region and over the world, including PropertyGuru – the leading real estate media group in Southeast Asia and Asia; Zameen – the leading real estate website in Pakistan. All partners are believed and expected to help Batdongsan bring users an attractive playground, towards the mission of contributing to integration of Vietnam real estate market with the world market.

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One Year and Going Strong

Bayut is a UAE based real estate portal and Bayut’s trustworthy property listings have ministered Mitula in expanding their hold in the UAE. Mitula, is an international search engine that specialises in property, auto mobile and vacancy advertisements, the company has recently celebrated a year of successful partnership with Mitula.

Bayut’s property listings are indexed in Mitula’s property search engine so when browsing the user will find Bayut properties, both for rent and sale. Clicking on any of these users directly to the Bayut’s website.

Bayut Online Marketing Manager Shehryar Qureshi talking about the unique partnership experience with Mitula, reported that it has been a year since the beginning of the partnership between Mitula and, and its going strong. While Mitula provides users with a diverse range of advertisements Bayut property advertisements are much more focused and this focus is beneficial for both. It’s a match made in heaven!

Bayut itself is a very useful and significant property portal, a significant amount of users employ this search engine to find properties to buy sell buy and rent on a daily basis. It is an important factor to consider that Bayut is also quiet popular with people who are travelling to UAE. A lot many people have reported to use Bayut to look for properties to rent before they travel to UAE. Therefore Bayut is doing more than just acting as a real estate portal. It is no wonder that the partnership is going so well since it benefits both Bayut and Mitula so well.

Mitula immediately pursued this partnership in order to enhance its service to its users since Bayut is one the most significant real estate portal in UAE.

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Job Space, our new partner for job searching in South Africa

JobSpace is a South African job site featuring job and CV search. Submit CVs and list jobs on a simple web interface.



JobSpace permits you to search by:
> Category: accounting, Banking & Finance, Hospitality, Sciente, Tourism, IT, Retail, Marketing, Media & Comunication, Transports & Logistics, Sales, Legal, Agriculture, others.
> Region:
   - Provinces: Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West, Northern Cape, Western Cape
   - Cities: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, Germiston, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria


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Younger, pricier, but better: Trends in used car sales

Today we are proud to show you the article sent by our Partner carsb2b.

carsb2bLeipzig, 04. June 2012. As shown in a report by the Deutsches Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the used car market has changed drastically over the last 10 years – largely in favor of buyers. New features like the car-scrap bonus and cheap leasing offers for new cars have led to a 17.3% increase in turnover. On average, cars are more expensive than before, but there’s a good reason for that: Last year’s models were the youngest ever. For this reason, many buyers now choose to purchase used cars.

Trendy: Low repair costs

In 2011, a total of 66.3 billion euros changed hands on the German used car market. With it, about 6.8 million used cars changed owners. The primary reason for this massive transfer of funds was positive development on the German auto market. Good deals on new cars led car owners to make the decision to update their models, whether in order to get reduced gas mileage or better accessories. And the models that then went on offer aren’t at all bad. They have lower repair costs on average. While these may have amounted to 169 euros in 1998, only about 15 euros are needed for repairs on a used car that is two years old in the first six months after purchase.

Different sales venues

Over 35% of these models were sold in new car dealerships, while 44% were sold privately. The high quality of the cars was well received abroad as well. Especially in East European countries, they enjoyed high demand – even though better quality meant higher prices (another market trend). In 2011, the average price for such a car was 9,740 euros. In 2010, it had been about 1,000 euros less. What’s more, the DAT report showed that male buyers paid more overall. Women proved to have more of a knack for finding bargains: Although they paid around 7,500 euros on average, men were prepared to fork over more than 11,000 euros.

Source: (Autohandel unter Gewerbetreibenden: sicher & seriös mit

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