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mitula and Monster increase their relation

Monster was one of the first job offers agregator wich mitula worked with. Our relation started at 2010 and since then you can find in mitula job offers from Monster.

A few weeks ago, mitula and Monster share another three countries wich are Germany, Austria and Switzerland appart from Spain.

In next weeks is provided to add two new countries to our collaboration. This two countries will be Italy and France.

A little bit of Monster´s history

Monster was founded in Maynard, Massachussets, USA, in 1994. Nowdays Monster is present in 55 countries, but its jobs are published in 180 countries, thanks to its global platform. Monster is a leading global online careers and recruitment resource for employers and jobseekers

Monster offers services for jobseekers to help them in their job searches. Monster also offers services for companies, wich help them to optimize their selection process.

Monster can be found also in social Networks. On Facebook, Monster has created its own app called Beknown.

If you start to use Beknown you´ll be able to create your own personal professional network. This app keeps your personal and your professional contacts separate. Even you can invite contacts from other social networks. You can also import your profile from Monster to Beknown or link your Beknown profile with Monster´s search tools.

Once again, welcome to mitula to Monster Germany, Switzerland and Austria! And in a few weeks France and Italy!

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Recover your password is easier now.

Usually we forget things we should remember. This fact is normal when we have to deal with lot of things in our day by day.

Passwords are one of these things we use to forget. Considering we need passwords to turn on our mobile phones,  getting money in the ATM, home´s alarm… and we are not online yet, where an average user memorize ten passwords

On mitula we know results are the most important for you when you are searching for a house, car or job. But it´s also important the option to save that results. And forget your password can not be a barrier.

That´s why we have simplified our password reminder.

Only three steps are necessary:

1. Click on “I forgot my password” (This sentence can be different depending on the country you visit mitula, but it´s always in the same place)

2. Fill the field with the email you registered on mitula.

3. Click on “Send”. This is the last step. In a few seconds you´ll receive and email from mitula with your password.

Once your password have been sent you can log in and save your ads.

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Welcome on board!

Since a few days ago is the new mitula´s partner. is the America’s largest provider of distressed properties, foreclosure, preforeclosure, bankruptcy and tax lien liftings. And its feed is available now in mitula´s homes vertical. is now a mitula´s partner

With  incorporation to mitula´s searcher we are able to list 1.8 million properties more on our results. also collaborates regularly with main  mass media in the US. CNN or The Wall Street Journal usually ask about real estate market and its trends.

With beside us, mitula works with the principal distressed classified ads properties portals in the US. This fact allows mitula to make easier for users finding a distressed property all over the US.

This numbers confirm mitula as a classified ads search engine leader in distressed properties  in the US.

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mitula arrives to Venezuela!

There´s a new vertical search engine in Venezuela.

Venezuela has some of the most amazing places in the world like Angel Fall, its amazing beaches or its 43 national Parks. But mitula has arrived to work. To help venezuelan people to find homes, cars and jobs in an easy and fast way.





All we know that Venezuela gets its wealth from oil. Venezuela is one of the most important oil exporter in the world. Also, Venezuela is one of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) founders.

But Venezuela is a country with high quality fruits and vegetables. So we have tropical fruits, rice and corn as big part of foodstuffs exports.

Venezuela´s population it´s over 28 millions people. Population live mainly in cities. Only 6% of population live in the countryside. Its capital, Caracas, have a 5 million people population. Venezuela also has one of the highest natality rates in South America.

If we look to the Internet, it´s expected to reach 40% of population at the end of 2011. Highest Internet rates in South America. In order to users, Venezuela is the third country in South America.

According to this Venezuela it´s a big chance to mitula. mitula is going to have a great grow and become very popular.

At the moment mitula has started beside some international partners in each of their verticals: homes, cars and jobs.

Big portals as Bienesonline, Doomos are beside us.

In our journey we count on with Redtrabajar and Jobomas in our jobs area.

And Clasivenezuela, offers us classified ads about cars, but also about homes and jobs.

In a short time we´ll offer you ads from the main venezuelans portals. We are just dealing to make your homes, cars and jobs searches fast and easy.


mitula Venezuela –

mitula Venezuela homes

mitula Venezuela cars

mitula Venezuela jobs

mitula Venezuela contact

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mitula´s blog is on air!

Welcome to mitula´s blog!
mitula is one of the most important international vertical search engines for property, car and job classifieds.
mitula is present over 28 countries all over the world. mitula colaborates with more than 2500 partners and displays more than 60 millions ads monthly.

With this blog, we want to get closer to our Partners and everybody around.

In this blog we will share with you all about mitula.

In this blog you are going to find useful information about property, cars and jobs market. We are going to share with you our experiencies, our hits and our knowledge. .

mitula it´s a vertical search engine for property, cars and jobs.

mitula it´s a vertical search engine for property, cars and jobs.


Everything we think it´s interesting for you!

We want this blog to grow with you. We want to go further than publish your ads. We want to create a win-win relationship.

We want to set your space in mitula!

To make this happen you can find mitula on the most important social networks. And subscribe to our rss to be the first one noticing our updates.


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