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mitula arrives to Morocco!

Morocco is one of the most fascinating and mysterious countries in the World. And from now is also one of the countries where mitula makes easier to find car, home and job.

Placed in North Africa Morocco is washed by the Mediterranean and Atlantic seas. Morocco offers big contrast in its landscapes. We can choose a route through the desert, enjoy skiing,  or dream beaches. Thanks to this, tourism is getting a very important industry. The leading tourist destination in Morocco is Marrakech.

Ménara Garden, Marrakech, Morocco -Marcin Sochacki

Morocco´s population is more than 32,5 million people. Rabat and Casablanca are the two most important cities adding more than 4,5 million people between them. Rabat is the political capital and its population isa round 1,6 million people. Casablanca is actually the largest city in Morocco, being the economic and commerce center.

With 3,5 million people connected, Morocco is the third country in Africa attending to people connected to the Internet. More than 3 million people use Internet through 3g network. We mustn´t forget that Morocco was the first african country where a 3g network were implemented. The rest of people use adsl for their connection.

This rates are increasing year per year supported by Morocco´s growth  around 5% anually. Thanks to that unemployment drops from nearly 20% to less than 10% from 2003 to 2011.

Casablanca Twin Center - Koumed

Facing our vertical job search, this numbers gives us high expectations to grow in the future.

Attending to the property market, our expectations are also quite good. In one hand Morocco needs to cover its home deficit across the country. In the other hand, and going back to tourism, Morocco is trying to increase its tourism capacity. So, the future seems to be good for us.

Cars market also follows this increasing line. During the first quarter in 2012 car sales increased 13% more than the same period in 2011. Another good new for our car search vertical.

All these numbers give us good impressions and better expectations  for our future and help all those who search a car, home or job in Morocco to find it easy and fastly.

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We have reached 100 000 000 ads!!

mitula has reached 100 000.000 clasiffied ads for homes, cars and jobs.

From august to nowadays, just in less than a year, we have jumped from 50 000 000 to 100 000 000 classified ads. We have doubled in only a few months all we achieved from we started four years ago to now.

But we have still so much work to do. We must keep working hard to show you the best classified ads in each one or the 31 countries where we are.


There are three responsibles of the fact we could reach 100 000 000 classified ads:

In first place, every of the 15 000 000 unique users who visit us every month. With all your searchs you have helped us to grow day by day. Thanks to you, we are one of the world´s most important classified ads search engine.

In second place, we say thanks to the more than 3 000 partners who rely on us. All of you who send us your classified ads for homes, cars and jobs.

In third place, thanks to our team. Thanks to all of you to make possible to our users to find in an easy and fast way, and make possible our partner´s ads reach more and qualified traffic to your websites.

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mitula arrives to Ecuador

Welcome on board Ecuador!

Ecuador is the new country where mitula is making homescars  and jobs classified ads searches easier and faster.

With our arrival to Ecuador we are present in 31 countries, and growing!

Ecuador is a northwestern country in South America. Ecuador has an extension os 283.561 square kms. and its population is nearby 15 million people.

Ecuador also has an incredible natural beaty. Ecuador is crossed from North to South by the Andes. In the East we find the Amazon. And 1000 kms from the coast we find the Galapagos Islands. As a curiosity, Ecuador has the highest concentration of rivers per square meter in the World.

Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador
Chimborazo vulcano in Ecuador by Dabit100 / David Torres Costales (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (


Quito is Ecuador´s capital, and its population is a little bit more than 2.200.000 million people. Quito also is the most important city in economics and politics. Quito also was declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Oil, bananas and cocoa are the main products in Ecuatorian exports. Although is algo very strong in wood export. Ecuador also subscribes some International commerce treaties and belongs to some International economic agencies.

If we look to the Internet, where ecuatorians are going to take advantage of mitula´s ease and quick searches for homes, cars and job. In Ecuador there are 5.5 million people connected to the Internet, around the 37% of its population. This percent perhaps is not too high but looking to the future there are big chances to grow.

Quito, Ecuador´s capital
Quito, Ecuador´s capital by Patricio Mena Vásconez (Own work) [Public domain


Closely related with Internet connection is e-commerce. Ecuador has grown from 31 to 680.000 million dólar in just ten years. this is a show of how ecuatorians are every time more and more confident with Internet usage. This fact is good news for us, because ecuatorians will search online for homes, cars and job more and more.

At the moment we are negotiating with the ecuatorians main classified ads portals for homes, cars and jobs to get more and more ads for our users.

Despite of this, we are beside our International Partners which are in Ecuador yet. Due to this is possible for the users to find homes, cars and jobs in Ecuador in an easy and fast way.

In our homes vertical we are listing classified ads from Nexolocal,  Alamaula and Bienes Online as main partners.

If the search is for a car Nexolocal will be beside us again. Alamaula and Foto Autos also will be there.

finally, if is a job search,  Nexolocal y and Bumeran are beside us as main job portals

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February top 5 most read articles on mitula´s blog

Today we collect the five most read articoles on our blog during february.

We want to give you the chance to remember or read for first time the contents you have considered the most interesting.


mitula arrives to Romania!

mitula arrives to romania


Convert your website in a mobile app

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The e-mail is dead. Long live the e-mail.mitula the email is dead long life the email


Tips to choose an used car. 1. Inside the car

mitula tips to choose an used car


Movie cars on mitula

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Look for holiday rentals in France

We have started 2012 extending our features in our french houses portal.

This time we have added in our French portal the option to look for holiday rental.

You can find it in the following link This feature already exists in our Spanish houses portal.

This new feature allows you to find holiday rentals in amazing places all over France.

This launching coincides with the ski season. This fact makes easier to find an accommodation in a place where we can enjoy our favourite sport.

In the following search we have hundreds of accommodations. Now you only need a wool cap and sunglasses to avoid glare while you are skiing.

But perhaps we are not so sporty. Then we can have a quiet travel admiring monuments and landscape. We can express our artistic skills taking our time in each corner taking our best pictures.

If we don´t know where te go, we can search our destination in the The most beautiful villages of France Association. One of them is Riquewihr where we have just find accomodation for you

Upper main street of Riquewihr in the morning sun – Oberes Teil der Hauptstrasse von Riquewihr – Author: Eigenes Werk

So stop thinking and use this new feature for your next travel. We make it fast and easy, so you have more time to pack up.

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mitula arrives to Romania!

Welcome on board Romania!

Since last week mitula helps you to find homes, cars and jobs in an easy and fast way in Romania. Our url in Romania is With our arrival to Romania mitula is present in 30 countries. And growing!

Romania is a Southeastern country in Europe. Romania has an extension of 238.391 square kilometers and 21,5 million people. In 2007 Romania joined the UE. In Danubio´s shore we find Bucarest, the capital. Bucarest has 2,5 million people and is the most important industrial, commercial and cultural city.

Bucharest Panorama

If we have a look to the Internet in Romania, a 36% of its population is connected. Perhaps it seems to be not a big percent, but there is a strategical plan from government to reach 85% in 2015. This fact adds an incredible growing potential to Romania.

Romanian Internet user is everyday more open to trade online. Online buyers are growing slow but safe. Their principal interests is getting good quality products cheaper than in tradicional shops.

Mobile Internet has a similar percent of use as traditional connection. So there is big expectations in this area to grow.

Our first step will be beside the main classified ads portals in each vertical. Homes, cars and jobs will be easier to find thanks to these relationships.

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania. Autor – Daytona_k

On home searches, we will be beside imopedia the second most important property ads in Romania. But we are dealing with other partner to show even more ads.

On job searches eJobs  the main portal for job ads in Romania is beside us. We have also the support from myjob, netjobs and infomunca.

In last place, for our car searches mobile is beside us. This partner has one particularity, you can search for an used car and also for new cars.

Anothe partner wich is supporting us is varianteauto. In its portal you could search not only used cars for sale, you could even Exchange your car for another.

Welcome on board Romania!

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