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The effects of unemployment on health and how to fight them

When we have a job and become unemployeed, our physical, social and mental health become more vulnerable and are much more likely to be affected. This risk is known as psychosocial risk and as any risk it can be prevented.

Although in the actual economic and social juncture is difficult to find a job, there are some behaviours wich help to avoid negative influence between jobs.

How to keep physical health

As a consecuence of unemployment is easier to suffer dream disorders as insomnia. These disorders affects rest and also physical health.

Another situation wich we must avoid is abussing alcohol, drugs or any food wich damage us. At first time this substances will comfort us but lately they will hurt us. These abusses can cause us heart diseases, ulcers…

To keep physical health we must practise any sport, keep in fit. Practising a sport we also will have stress and anxiety under control.

Running or walking are excellence exercises and we don´t need any special equipment or place to practise them.

How to keep social health

One of the biggest threats for unemployees is losing most of their social relations.

When we are working we interact daily with our workmates, but when we are unemployed these relations finish or get not as good as before.

We can stop that calling our old friends who we haven´t see for a long time. Is a good chance to recover that “lost” relations.

But we have another option, create new relations. We can join a group to enjoy activities in our free time. Perhaps we could even find a job throught this new relations. We will Spread our networking and our situation will be easy to handle.

How to keep mental health

In an unemployement scene, mental health is the one with more probabilities to be affected. Comparing between employees and unemployees, the second group double its posisibilities to get it mental health damaged.

According to this, although we are unemployed, we must keep a positive attitude all the time. This positive attitude is a powerful tool to find a new job, recruiters notice it. This positive attitude helps between jobs.

We must take consciousness of our new situation and understand how is going to affect us and our families.

To manage anxiety and self-esteem a hobby will help us. Having a hobby also keep us active. Being active we avoid bad consecuentes of inactivity wich affects our search for a new job.

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Consequences of lying in your cv

We have spoken before about how important is your cv in a selection process. How the cv is one of the most important factors to receive the call for the job interview.

But there is something we haven´t emphasized as it deserves, the truth. We must not lie on our cv.

We can write descriptions of our positions wich sound better, or we can tell our achieved goals a little bit bigger… but we will never include in our cv a degree we don´t have studied, or we will not exagerate our languages level. It doesn´t matter if everybody does. At first sight it could seem to be good for us, but actually it can have really bad consequences for us.

It´s a small world

We don´t know who is the recruiter. Perhaps he or she could be a friend, relative or classmate of our last or actual boss. If he contacts to ask references our lie is going to be discovered, so, we will drop off of the selection process. And what is more, the lie will be told for next selection process.

If you don´t know how to do it, don´t tell you know how to do it.

If you don´t have the abilities or knoledge to make a task don´t lie and say you are able to do it. At the moment you have to show that you know how to do it your lie will become a problem.

That lie will go with your for all your working life

A lie wich is detected during the selection process becames a stain in our reputation. After this it could be impossible or really hard to remove it. It depends on the lie and the damaged caused to the company.

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The importance of email in your cv

A few days ago we wrote about the advantages of having an online cv. We also mentioned some tools to create and highlight your cv from the rest of applicants.

Today we are writing about one little but important detail.

In next articles we´ll see another cv elements, but today we are going to focus our attention on contact email. An issue wich can make the different into two similar cvs.

One of the basic points in a cv is coherency, and contact email can make it dissapear.

During a selection proccess you can find some curious contact emails. Email addresses as ilovecupcakes@…, littlemary1985@… or bestrunnerever@… can be innapropiate for a job search.

The point is to choose an email addres for friends and personal issues, here all addresses are ok. And create another email address for job and official issues.

We can be discarded in a selection proccess for an informal email address.

This email address should be our name and surname. Perhaps, when you try to create your email address your name could be taken, for example, johnsample@… If this happens, we can use puntuation marks if email provider allows it and our email could be john.sample@…, sample.john@…, john-sample@…. Or sample-john@….

If we are still unable to create the email address, we can start trying with acronyms as jsample@…, johns@…, samplej@…

Another option for our purpose is register our name as an Internet domain. Doing this we ensure a customized and exclusive email addres with our name. The costs vary between countries, but International domain providers used to charge around 10$.

If we decide finally to create our domain, our addres could be for example or

But nothing is totally true and in some situations email should be different. This kind of exceptions are usual in creative areas as design or advertising.

Do you agree with us? How is you email addres?

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Online CV for a 24/7 job search

Social network are more than a place to share and comment our friend´s pictures. They also are an space where companies and users interact.

We aren´t talking about promotions or advergaming. We are talking about companies wich use social network to recruit talent.

For companies nowadays it´s easier to contact applicants, see to their jobs, their experience and their education.

In one word, your CV it´s more accessible. And it´s easier to obtain information than in the past years.

Because of that, applicants have a real good chance to differentiate.

Applicants always must customize their CV for the company or job they are applying. Customize our CV in these days is easier, faster and less expensive that a few years ago.

There are free tools that help us to create an atractive CV. But we can not forget about content, wich is the most important element in your CV.

Once your content is ready, the best option is to create an online CV. Doing this we make sure our CV is accessible 24 hours.

Professional Networks offer us an easy way to submit our cv. The most important professional network is Linkedin. On Linkedin you can also participe on groups, create a professional contact network, send an receive messages…

What can I do if I want a more visual attractive CV? In this case, we can use a website wich create design CV from your information. There´s two ways to create your CV on this website. In the first one you can provide your information to the website. And in the second one, your Linkedin profile is imported automatically.

This is available for everybody. And we want to highlight!. So we need a different online CV.

A different CV requires more work but it results are the best. One of the most famous online CV in the world belongs to Graeme Anthony an english public relations professional. His video CV went  around the world and became famous for its use of Youtube as a tool to look for a job.

As we have seen, the best way to find a job is being different. Companies also have to be different in their talent´s search. The ideal applicant can be found searching talent in a non convencional way .

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Music and work meet at mitula

Do you know why that song makes you happy?

It´s about the dopamine. Dopamine is the substance produced by our brain that causes wellness.

Music has other effects on us. Music can also excite us or motivate us. How many times have we hummed Rocky´s soundtrack while we were practicing sport?

But for many people music is much more than motivation or being happy. Music is their passion.

Most of this people spend all their time on music. Some of them even play in amateur bands. Sometimes, better than some professional singers.

In the other hand, some have achieved turn their passion into their job.

In this point mitula can help you. Throuhg our partners you can find jobs offers about music.

You can find jobs related to music on mitula

If you are a drummer, guitarist, bassist, keyboardist or perhaps you prefer to sing.

But if you prefer to stay in the backstage, you can find offers as composer.

But we still need something.

We have the band and the composer. But we need to tune up the instruments. A song sounds terribly bad if instruments are out of tune. That´s why need a tuner.

Despite our love for music, it´s better to keep doing our best. Display our partner´s ads to your searches is what we do best. Our goal is help you to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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Job searches goes vertical

Vertical searches are going more and more important in last years.

But… what is a vertical search? Vertical searches are those wich are made in pages with the same thematic. So if we search in an general search engine about a specific car, we´ll get lots of results with the searched term. If we search in a vertical search engine, for example, as mitula, we´ll get only ads about that car.

What can do vertical search engines for us?

This type or search engines in first place offers comfort. It searches on several pages at the same time. It can vary from a dozen to hundreds, depending on the search engine influence.

In the other hand  it offers also effectiveness. We are going to receive much more results.

Lastly it gives us quality. All results has been previously filtered, so we receive exactly what we are looking for.

All this advantages are for users.

Companies are also benefited by vertical search engines. It´s an important help to their traffic. Vertical search engines increase traffic and  redirects high quality traffic.

In second place, vertical search engines makes possible to reach more users.

Instead some classified ads websites could think, vertical search engines aren´t its competence. Vertical search engines boosts and enhance their business.

But companies can also take advantage of this type of searches. For example, using sectorial directories. They can use them for search exactly the profile they need.

So, they can select specificly that profile that matches in their needs. Companies save time classifying applicants.

Companies use sectorial directories to find apllicants.

Some portals, as Property Portal Watch offer this sectorial directories. In this way apllicants and companies get in touch about the real estate area.

And what about you, users and companies, are you agree with our words?  What´s your favourite vertical search engine feature? And your less liked?

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