Cagetory | General – Leading the Way to Free Advertising, a leading and fast-growing online classifieds site providing FREE advertising worldwide is now available on the internet.  Officially launched on 01 March 2013, Claseek has now over 6000 members and is ranked as top 200k+ by Alexa over more than 30 million websites in its database.

Claseek has both desktop and mobile version, allowing users to access classified ads from different platforms anytime, anywhere. Members can add YouTube video to their listing and upload up to 5 pictures at no cost. Members have their individual RSS feed link that can be used to automatically post their Ads to their Facebook timeline or Facebook page using free tools like RSS Graffiti.  Claseek also streams some ads to their partner site and integrates social media to give ads the maximum exposure.  All ads can easily be shared by anyone to over 300 social media sites within a few clicks.

“Our goal is to offer a powerful & effective marketing alternative free of charge.  Claseek will always be free but we do have paid advertising options should members opt for better exposure to their target audience.” said Claseek’s co-founder.  “We provide exceptional service and do things which other classifieds sites have not done.  For instance, our main page is split into two sections, one section for newly-posted ads and another section for older ads. Most advertisers want to have their ads appear on first page but with so many ads posted every day, ads can easily move to second page in a matter of minutes.  By splitting the first page into two sections, older ads can still appear on first page randomly.  This would discourage advertisers from posting the same ads multiple times.” said Claseek’s co-founder.

To publish a free ad at Claseek, users simply need to register as member and click the “Post a free ad” button on the respective country that they want to advertise into.  Users only need to register once and they can post to any Claseek country where their Ad can be made available (e.g., shipped, outsourced).  Members have their personal dashboard where they can manage their ads, profile, personal messages, etc.  Posting ad on both desktop and mobile version is very easy; in fact it can be done in less than a minute when you’re already a member.

Claseek also offers affordable premium listing which will appear at the top of all user searches and will automatically be posted on our Facebook page.  The site is currently exclusively available in Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Hong Kong aside from its Global site.

For more information about Claseek or its products and services, you may visit

Other details:

Entity: Claseek Pte. Ltd.
Facebook page:



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A vendre a acheter

Browse thousands of ads available on The site provides Internet users looking for a good deal various product categories.
Among the range of services the sale and acquisition of real property for personal use or for a local car and light utility, motorcycle, jewelry. Ads on the decor, garden, sport, meeting, travel, fashion, food, animals are also present on the site. Consultation and the online ads are free. Special offer for members after early registration, a page is for them to manage theirpublication, another advantage as it is between particular it is very common to trade.

A vendre a acheter

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mitulatips, our tips to help you to find when you search and to enjoy it when you have found it

In mitula we want to help you to find the home, the car or the job you are searching in an easy and fast way. We want also to help you with the best information to do that search and to enjoy it the most once you have found it.

That´s why we have created our mitulatips.

With our mitulatips we want to give you information about each of our three search areas:

- Homesmitulatips for homes will be those tips from how to decorate to have more space at home or tips to handle a move in the best way. Everything wich could help you and be related to your home.

- Carsmitulatips for cars will be those tips from efficient driving to checkpoints when buying an used car or security tips to avoids thefts. As you can see, this tips will help to find the car you search and to enjoy it the most.

- Jobsmitulatips for jobs will be those tips wich give you the clues from prepare a job interview to design your Business card or how to act in your company to improve your position.


Where can be found these mitulatips?

There are few ways to find this mitulatips:

- Blog – now from this moment you will be able to find our mitulatips in this blog grouped by homes, cars or jobs.

But the best way to be up to date for our tips is reading our blog everyday. Suscribe our rss and receive all the updates just when we publish.

- Social Networks – you can also find our mitulatips in our profiles on social Networks.

- Facebook – in our Facebook Fanpage you can find our mitulatips and share them with your friends. You can find them on our wall and on our albums:

- mitulatips for homes

- mitulatips for cars

- mitulatips for jobs

- Twitter – on our Twitter profile @mitula_int  you will find our mitulatips condensed in 140 characters.

- Pinterest – On our boards:

- mitulatips for homes

- mitulatips for cars

- mitulatips for jobs

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Don´t store information. Share it all.

The phone is ringing again and again. Is annoying and it doesn´t let you concentrate at your work. Then you stop and answer it. A potential costumer ask you about your customer service hour. He couldn´t find it on the company´s website. Back to work and five minutes later the phone rings again. Another potential costumer ask if she can pay with her credit card.

Answering these two phone calls you have stopped your work wich take you more time to be done.

Avoid this fact would be as simple as share this information on your website, your Facebook fanpage, your Twitter bio or your app.

We can´t miss the chance to share information with our clients wherever we could.

It´s easier to get new clients if we share interesting information for them as payment tools, how to get from their homes…

But if we don´t share enough information or hide it as our big treasure, clients will go with another who give them the information they are looking for.

mitula share the info
How can I know what my clients want?

How can I know what my clients want?

As simple as listen to them.

We can create a list with the most asked questions, which are the most requested services, information which share our competitors… and after that ellaborate your custom information and upload it.

Another point to consider is a periodic review of this information to update new phone numbers, website, adress…

So if you haven´t filled your information yet on social networks, apps, your own website… think in that client who deals with a competidor who share more information.

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The e-mail is dead. Long live the e-mail.

There are many voices claiming about e-mail´s end. Even some multinational companies have left the email as internal communication tool.

Nothing further than reality.

E-mail is still an useful and effective online marketing tool with an affordable cost. What is more, according to a research made by Direct Marketer Assotiations, it was expected a 43,52$ revenue for each inverted dollar during 2010. At the end of 2011 this was amount was estimated in 44,25$ per dollar.

E-mail is still an useful and effective online marketing tool

Another advantage of using  e-mail campaigns is its good results to increase our clients database. We can get rich information  from e-mail campaigns and at the same time create a relation with our current and potential clients.

The big deal today is that e-mail go with us. E-mail is no more chained to a pc and desk, as we have known all this years.

Another point to pay attention is new features brough by technology. We can increase our success ratio attending to new features and mobile devices.

Some factors we must consider when creating our e-mail campaigns are:

-        Cross channel integratione-mail is not a lonely message we sent to the inbox. We must integrate social media networks and squeeze all posibilities given by technology.

-        Create a content strategy – when e-mail hit the reader it must be interesting for him. From the subject to the endpoint. We must engage our client further than the e-mail.

-        Focused on analytics – all the actions we worthless if we don´t analyze it results. We must know what works, how it works and what´s our revenue.

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Convert your website in a mobile app

“The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet” This was one of the most revolutionaries sentences on Internet on 2011 written on Wired.

As they said on the article, every day we spent more and more time online. But instead of websites now we do it trough mobile apps.

This fact can be explained by Internet mobile connections growth in the last years. This devices has made that apps displace websites from its screens.

Does this mean that our efforts and time inverted on our websites is now worthless?

Luckily this effort is still quite useful and worth. Websites still have good health. And best of all, you can convert your website in a mobile app without too much suffering.

There are different options to convert our website in an Android or iOS apps, the main mobile operative systems on the apps market.


Using its features we need only a few clicks to create our Android app from our website´s url. In the following video you can see how it works.

There are more options to transform our website in an Android, iOS or Windows Phone apps. Even in the same provider we can create the three apss for three operative systems.


Appmakr allos us to create an app for iPhone. We can create a customized lay-out. Even we can earn an extra money displaying advertising through our app.

In the following video you can see what can be done, this time focused on iOS.


This is another choice to create not just our mobile app but our Chrome´s app. We can choose between free and paid service. If we choose the free one some advertisign will be shown. To avoid advertising we should choose the paid one.

In the following video you can see what can be done.

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