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Batdongsan became partner of Mitula in Vietnam

At beginning of December 2014, Batdongsan has officially cooperated with Mitula – one of the world’s leading search engines for real estate, cars and jobs. This partnership is expected to bring benefits to both in developing online information channels for real estate.

BatdongsanIn Vietnam, Batdongsan is selected to be Mitula’s partners to develop real estate portal. In the early time of partnership, the two sides will cooperate through two forms: exchanging listings and articles in the field of real estate. These will increase and diversify information sources of Batdongsan. Customers of Batdongsan will be benefited as they can access to additional sources of new information. Searching will become easier and more efficient.

Through Mitula, Batdongsan will provide better and more prompt information for searchers who are interested in Vietnam property market. Moreover, with this partnership, Batdongsan will contribute to introducing and promoting Vietnam market to international customers.

Mr. Le Xuan Truong, CEO at Batdongsan said: “Partnership with Mitula is under the frame of international cooperation with the aim of diversifying information and increasing global customers. We really hope that we can be your premium partner in the near future. Then, the majority of benefits will come to Batdongsan’s customers once they can experience such a high quality website with lots of utilities.”

By promoting extensive cooperation with enterprises operating in the same sector worldwide, Batdongsan has reaffirmed the quality, prestige and status of the most popular real estate portal in Vietnam. At present, Batdongsan is an important partner of many leading real estate companies and websites in the region and over the world, including PropertyGuru – the leading real estate media group in Southeast Asia and Asia; Zameen – the leading real estate website in Pakistan. All partners are believed and expected to help Batdongsan bring users an attractive playground, towards the mission of contributing to integration of Vietnam real estate market with the world market.

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The lure of working in Australia

Work Australia has always been seen as one of those final frontiers for English speakers looking to find the perfect balance between a promising professional career and good quality life with plenty of sunshine and fantastic beaches.
Obviously there are also drawbacks that prevent or delay many people willing to move there, the physical distance between Europe or the States, plus immigration laws and fluctuations in the job market can drive away potential candidates to move there.
The positive news for 2015 is that after a slight period of stagnation the job market seems to be opening up again. As of this year, companies will be allowed to bring in skilled workers for up to a year without applying for a 457 skilled worker category visa. Language tests will not be required as a mandatory step. Neither are employers obliged to prove that they have looked for Australian candidates before interviewing foreign and qualified professionals for specific roles.
This means an opening up of opportunities for professional advancement for expats looking to move there plus a more competitive and diverse workforce for local companies.
According to various jobsites and Mitula own search results from real time users the most sought out jobs will be in the fields of IT, teaching, engineering, catering, media management and creative arts.
2015 seems to be a year for real recovery and the opening up of the job market to foreign professionals might seem like a valid proof so if you had this goal set in mind, now might be the time to take the leap forward.

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When Are We Really Leaving Our Parents’ Homes?

Times have changed and, naturally, society tries to adapt itself to these changes. Not too long ago college students, during the last years of their college career, would find well paying jobs. Having their tuition paid for and receiving their first salary, they could start saving up.

Once they were done with their college education, they found themselves with some savings and a reasonable amount of job experience, making it not so difficult to find a job with a reasonable salary. This was the moment for college students to cut the cord and become independent from their parents.

According to a study done in the National Institute of Statistics, only 9.6% of the 18.2 million Spanish homes are being occupied by a young demographic (25-29 years old). And it sinks to an even lower 1.7% for those who haven’t turned 24 years old yet.

If we go around Europe, we’ll find that 46.6% of young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 in Italy still live with their parents. Following close is Portugal with an impressive 44.5%. In Austria we’ll find a bit of change, nevertheless, it is still 21.8% of young adults who haven’t broken away from their parents’ nest yet.

In Germany, there is a total of 17.3% followed by Belgium with 16.1%.

Lastly, we have the United Kingdom with 14.4% and then France with 11.5%.

Contrary to what one would believe, young adults between the ages of 25 and 34 in the United States don’t find independence as easy as they did a few years ago. Many of them stay in their parents’ homes until they are able to form their own families. We’re talking about 13.9% of young adults who decide not to leave their parents’ homes.

If we continue our trip through the Americas, we will find very interesting data in South America.

The average of young adults between 15 and 24 years of age that have emancipated themselves is of 13.5%, in fact, they have even formed their own family.

We can notice the distinct difference that exists between countries, we find extremes like Brazil where 23.3% of young adults are the owners of their homes and in the other extreme we find Chile where only 6.6% of young adults are in the same situation.

It is also important to notice the difference amongst gender and regions. The amount of young women who own their own home is larger than the amount of men their same age.

Also, young adults in rural zones become independent much before those who live in urban areas.

This leads us to Argentina, where the average of young adults between 15 and 24 years of age who still live with their parents is 13.2%. Similar to Mexico, where the average is of 11.4%.

Much of these statistics are dependent on their country’s economy, but the larger part of these statistics is due to social characteristics and customs of each country.

In an ideal world, and following a logical chronology, young adults should decide what they want to study in college, be able to get the job they yearn for, and lastly, create the family they want.

Unfortunately, reality is much different. Young adults nowadays have to take these decisions simultaneously. Many of them face the need of having to help their families during economic hardships, and so they study while they work. This situation only gets worse once they leave their parents’ homes and reaches an even lower point when they form a family.

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Ford Mustang: 50 Years of Pure Muscle

This year, the legendary Ford Mustang turns 50 years old. It seems that time has not passed for Ford’s Pony. Every year, the Mustang becomes more impressive and with better features. Get comfortable, because we’re about to take a ride through the Mustang’s history.

 We’ll start in the early 60’s, when the Ford Thunderbird sales began decreasing in an alarming rate. At this point, European cars started becoming the new automotive fashion.

It was at this point that Lee Iacocca asked Gene Bordinat for the design of a new “concept car.” The result was a convertible two-seater, with a 4 cylinder motor and a horsepower of 109.

A year later, Joe Oros was put in charge of designing a second prototype. This prototype was a smaller, lighter model, with a design that emitted both strength and sportsmanship. The Ford Mustang was born.

 This trip through Mustang’s lifespan will be completed in six stages. So, strap your seat belts, because here we go:

Stage 1

In spring of 1964, at the New York International Auto Show, Ford presented their new model, the Mustang.

The first day it went on sale, there were 20,000 units sold. A very pleasant surprise for the entire team at Ford.

That same year, Ford closed Mustang sales with almost half a million cars sold.

The directors at Ford did not want to lose this remarkable start and, so, decided to hire Carrol Shelby, creator of the Fastback body, and the man who would then develop the famous Shelby GT 350, with an impressive 8 cylinder motor and a horsepower of 306. An animal in its day.

A year later, it was time for the more symbolic model in the Ford family, the GT 500 with a V8 of 355 horsepower under its hood.

Stage 2

Next, we arrive in 1974, where they decide to reduce the model in both size and weight. This time, they’ll come out with two models: of 4 and 6 cylinders. To make up for this, the interior of the cars were of greater quality.

Even though, Ford was offering an automobile that was less sporty but more elegant, they were able to sell 386,000 units the first year.

The models Cobra II and King Cobra were the most symbolic of the brand during this second stage.

We cannot close this stage without mentioning the T-Top model of Mustang: the first convertible car with a roof made of removable crystal panels, designed in 1977.

Stage 3

During the mid 80’s, the most charismatic model cameo ut on the market: the Ford Mustang SVO. A model with a front completely different to the to base model that had a motor of 2.3L, capable of developing 175 HP.

In 1986 they decided to change the carburetor of their V8 for an electronic gasoline injection system. This change  entailed a motor that offered 225 HP.

Before finalizing this stage, Ford asked for a limited versión of 107 units, taking advantage of the fact that they were turning 25 years old. Here, the Mustang SVT Cobra R was born, with a motor of 5L and 235 HP.

Stage 4

It was 1994 when a new model arrived with softer and more aerodynamic exterior lines.

During this stage, in 1996, the Ford Mustang Cobra makes its appearance. The Mustang Cobra came with a motor of 4.6L with a twin overhead camshaft. And in 1998 its 4.6L motor of 215 HP exceeded itself and got 10 more horsepower.

In 1999, Ford decided to move on to a new phase. The design “New Edge” characterized itself for its rougher and more muscular aesthetics. It was in this same year when the Team of Special Vehicles decided to create a new model based on the Cobra.  For this car, they set up a propellant of 5.4 DOHC (twin camshaft) of 385 HP with a manual gearbox of 6 speeds.

Now, we have arrived in 2001, when Ford decides to prepare a version inspired by the Mustang GT 390. The same one that Steve McQueen drove in the 1968 film, Bullitt.

The success of the Mustang in the American market was so large that Pontiac and Chevrolet decided to suspend the production of their sports cars (the Firebird and the Camaro, respectively). Facing the absence of its rivals, the Mustang galloped all alone through the American dealerships and decided to increase their range with the Mach I with a V8 motor of 305 HP.

Stage 5

In this stage comes a completely retro image based on the model of 1964. Depending on the version, you could choose between a 4L V6 of 202 HP or a 4.6L V8 of 300 HP.

Halfway through 2006, Carrol Shelby rescues the beast that is the GT 500 and makes it a 5.4L V8 capable of giving 500 HP.

Although, he was not happy with the power of the GT 500, so Mr. Shelby designed the GT 500 Super Snake: with a touched up 5.4L V8 motor with 750 HP. An incredible “muscle car.”

In Detroit in 2009 the new GT 500 was presented with a motor of 540 HP  =and 6.200 rpm.

At the end of that same year the Mustang GT appears with a 5L V8 motor and 412 HP. For such a powerful car, the technicians were able to reduce the consumption.

In September 2010, the Ford teams shows once more that they have no limits when it comes to making their Pony more muscular. This time they release to the market the Shelby Mustang GT 500 Super Snake: 810 HP with a motor or 5.4L V8.

If you thought they could not create a more powerful model, you’re wrong, because in April 2012 a new version arrives: the Shelby Mustang 1,000. Created by the great Carrol Shelby who decided  to name his 1,100 HP motor after himself.

Stage 6

In 2013, Bill Ford, Executive President of Ford Motor Company, presents the sixth generation of the Mustang in Barcelona, opening the market to Europe for the first time in Mustang history.

With this, we have arrived at the Mustang 2014 with two different versions: 5.0L V8 of 426 HP and the 3.7L V6. But with the novelty of a new EcoBoost motor of 2.3L, it is capable of developing 309 HP.

To celebrate their 50th birthday, the Mustang 50th Anniversary Edition was designed. It is a new edition, limited to 1,964 units, which will be characterized by those who remember the original from 1965.

The Mustang 50th Anniversary was developed based on the Mustang GT 2015 fastback. It’s motor: 5.0L V8 of 420 HP.

The Mustang Convertible 50th Anniversary Edition is the convertible version of this edition. Of this version, only one unit has been created.

From Mitula, we want to congratulate Ford for its 50th anniversary and we want to thank ghdm for all of the experiences we’ve lived in a Mustang. Want to know more? In Mitula have over 1,500 listings in Ford Mustang

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The Ugliest Cars

Throughout history, there have been hundreds of cars designed and manufactured, many have earned their reputation for their beautiful and elegant design. Although, many cars have driven through their time and straight to history due to their ridiculous design, bizarre shapes, and all around absurd looks. For cars like these, it was inevitable becoming a joke. Some of these vehicles were fabricated in masses, but then there´s others that were constructed because of their owners strong desire.

One of the models that caused the loudest laughter when it would pass by was the “Peel P50,” which was produced between 1962 and 1965. A total of fifty units were built and it holds the record of being the smallest mass produced car in the world. This car was unable to reverse, instead it had a lever in the back of the vehicle that you could use to park or wiggle around where you had to. It had one door on the left side, one headlight, and three wheels.

The Sultan of Brunei, apart from having a vast collection of luxury cars, is also the owner of some of the tackiest cars in the planet. One very good example is a Rolls-Royce that he used in one of his weddings, plated in gold, with moldings of the same material in the roof, and hubcaps contrasted in gold. The car also has a sun roof in the back part, that once opened reveals a large sofa in yellow upholstery, and to protect himself from the sun he incorporated a large baldachin made of fancy tapestries in his roof. Without a doubt, this is some very expensive car decorations for a result that hurts the eyes and offends good taste.

In the year 1974, Aston Martin came out on the market the Lagonda model, with a design that looked much like a large coffin with wheels, which has been considered throughout history as one of the ugliest models of all time. This design was very surprising for a brand as exclusive as Aston Martin and for a car at such a high price.

The first generation FIAT Multipla is one of the most criticized modern cars and it is considered to be one of the ugliest modern cars. In fact, it received an award for being the ugliest car in 1999 by the English television show “Top Gear.” What makes this car so ugly specifically is the design on the front, between the hood and the windshield of the car, where you find the two headlights.

Source of images: chego-chego y CARLOS62

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