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When art becomes car and the car becomes art

Since 1886 Karl Friedrich Benz invented the car until nowadays, millions and millions of cars have been manufactured. Only one of them, The Volkswagen Beetle, has been manufactured more than 21 million times.

Most of cars are just that, only machines we used to move from one place to another. We use them to do the shopping. For some companies is a tool…

But some cars are more than a machine. They are a work of art by themselves. By its materials. By its design. A design which goes further than cover the engine or protect the passengers. A design born to delight the senses. Not only to be seen. But also to be touch, to be smelt… using materials and textures in the inside as metal and leather and wood.

One of this unique work of art on wheels is the Rolls-Royce Phantom I Jonckheere Coupé. With nearly 100 years on its wheels it shows how design is present in cars and make them unique.

Rolls-Royce Phantom I Jonckheere Coupé

But a car not only becomes a work of art by itself. The car can be also the canvas. Turning a car, more or less expensive, into a work of art.

This way, a car start to be unique, is completely different from the rest of the production.

One example of this fact are 19 Porsche 911 GT2 painted by argentinian artist Jorge Gómez and 18 more artista from all over the World. Perhaps these artista have created the fastest work of art in the World.

Porsche 911 GT2
Image source:

Until now we have seen only exclusive cars related to art. A position held by some about art

But there´s a near art, for everybody, an ephemeral art.

Scott Wade is an artist who became famous for painting in dirty cars using his brushes and car glasses as canvas.

So cleaning the dirt the work of art starts to appear. Once is finished, it last until car´s owner decide to wash it. But when it was dirty again a new work of art can be created.

In the following video you can see a sample os Wade´s work

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Younger, pricier, but better: Trends in used car sales

Today we are proud to show you the article sent by our Partner carsb2b.

carsb2bLeipzig, 04. June 2012. As shown in a report by the Deutsches Automobil Treuhand (DAT), the used car market has changed drastically over the last 10 years – largely in favor of buyers. New features like the car-scrap bonus and cheap leasing offers for new cars have led to a 17.3% increase in turnover. On average, cars are more expensive than before, but there’s a good reason for that: Last year’s models were the youngest ever. For this reason, many buyers now choose to purchase used cars.

Trendy: Low repair costs

In 2011, a total of 66.3 billion euros changed hands on the German used car market. With it, about 6.8 million used cars changed owners. The primary reason for this massive transfer of funds was positive development on the German auto market. Good deals on new cars led car owners to make the decision to update their models, whether in order to get reduced gas mileage or better accessories. And the models that then went on offer aren’t at all bad. They have lower repair costs on average. While these may have amounted to 169 euros in 1998, only about 15 euros are needed for repairs on a used car that is two years old in the first six months after purchase.

Different sales venues

Over 35% of these models were sold in new car dealerships, while 44% were sold privately. The high quality of the cars was well received abroad as well. Especially in East European countries, they enjoyed high demand – even though better quality meant higher prices (another market trend). In 2011, the average price for such a car was 9,740 euros. In 2010, it had been about 1,000 euros less. What’s more, the DAT report showed that male buyers paid more overall. Women proved to have more of a knack for finding bargains: Although they paid around 7,500 euros on average, men were prepared to fork over more than 11,000 euros.

Source: (Autohandel unter Gewerbetreibenden: sicher & seriös mit

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Full hybrid, mild hybrid and Electric cars

In the last few months some new electric and hybrid car and motorbike models have arrived to car dealers.

It seems to be nowadays when this kind of cars are starting to be more present in our lifes. But actually the have been with us for more than 120 years. Since 1890 decade exactly.

We have some choices to choose our car.

Mild hybrid

These cars have two engines. One of this engines is electric. The other engine is a traditional engine, wich can be diesel or gasoline.

In these cars, the electric engine helps the main engine. This happens if power needs is not so high. Doing this, fuel consumption and emissions are lower than a tradicional car.


Full hydrid cars

These cars have two engines also. Electric and traditional one. The same  as a mild hybrid. The difference is that this kind of cars use the tradicional engine to charge the batteries which move the electric engine.

This kind of cars are able to move using only its electric engine. But their power and autonomy are low.


Electric cars and motorbikes.

These are cars and motorbikes wichs only have installed an electric engine. Its emissions are 0, the same as its fuel consumption.


Main advantages from this kind or vehicles are:

  • Enviromental – fuel consumption is lower than in tradicional cars. Even consumption fuel doesn´t exist if is an electric car.
  • Economic – altough the higher price, in long term is cheaper because os the low fuel consumption. Also in some countries there are grants to this vehicles, or they can park for free in restricted parking areas.


But this cars have some disadavantages also:

  • Autonomy –  the big disadvantage. Some of them can hardly be driven for 100 km. But batteries and engine efficiency are improving day by day.
  • Recharge points – at the moment are not too much extended. But everyday are installed in more places to make mobility easier.

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Tips to choose an used car. 1. Inside the car

Some objects will never be bought once they have been used. But this doesn´t happen with cars and bikes.

We buy used cars for many reasons as collecting, can´t buy a new one or the famous and loved first car.

We must take some cautions about used cars market. So we are telling details you should pay attention in each car part.

If we buy our used car in a car dealer we´ll have a warranty. This warranty vary from one country to another according to its laws.

These dealers offers cars in good conditions. In theory, we are not having problems. And they are not going to cheat on mileage, non-existing equipment or hidden breakdowns.

If we buy our to a private person, then we must be careful. Hidden breakdowns, reduced mileage, equipment in bad conditions… can be more expensive to fix that the money we have spent in the car.

Luckily, there are more honest people than liars. But we can´t check it until we have the car and we drive it for a time.

But we can pay attention to some details to unmask cheaters.

Inside the car there are a lot of clues to check if mileage and condition are credible.

What we should check inside the car?

- Steering wheel, gear lever and indicators – is easy to check this element´s wear. If wear is high and mileage is low we should suspect.

Detail of a worn steering wheel

- Seats – wear in the outside shows lot of use. Another point in seats is firmness. A seat used for a long time period is softer than the other seats. Compare driver´s seat with the other seats to be sure.

Detail of a worn seat

- Door panels – another part to check. If panels are worn or not fixed we must be aware.

- Seatbelts – Too much wear in connection or difficulties to roll again show us a large.

- Dashboard and glove comparment – we must check for traces made by taximeters or other gadgets. Some people try to sell a working car as a private person car.

- Electrical – under the dashboard we can see some cables. If they are manipulated by a non professional personal can be dangerous.

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Movie cars on mitula

Cinema has turned some objects in objects of desire.

Cinema and TV have turned some objects in cult objects. Both of them have been a source for trends and fashion.

One example of this fact is the T-shirt. At first it was use as underwear, but James Dean turned it on as a rebel item in the movie Rebel Without a Cause.

Fhasion is not the only thing influenced by cinema and TV.

Some movie objects are considered cult objects. Some of this object have been sold for breathtaking prices.

Cars are usually one of the most desired movies objects. Even some movies or tv shows are starring by cars.

You can find most of this cars in our cars vertical.

One of the most known cars is KITT from Knight Rider. KITT was a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am. Replicas can be found in Spain or Mexico.

KITT from Knight Rider


Another classic movie car from the 80´s is the Delorean MC from Back to the future. This one was tuned in a time machine. Delorean can be found in Netherland and USA.

The DeLorean Time Machine in "Back to the Future" - Fabien1309 -


Looking back to the 60´s we find Herbie. Herbie is a white pearl 1963 Volkswagen Beetle. It has been starring films for fourty years. Even have had its own tv show. If you like this car, you can find it in Germany or Argentina.

Festival de Cannes 2005 : Cocinelle


In the 70´s we have another famous car. Even Clint Eastwood filmed a movie named as this car, Gran Torino. But we are talking about Starky and Hutch´s car. This muscle car has to stand the police car´s own life. This car was famous for its White line over its red bodywork. Some replicas of this Ford Gran Torino can be found in Canada, France, or Italy.


These are only four movie cars you can find on mitula. In next articles we will talk about more movie cars. As we have shown, you can find your dreams car on mitula. Who knows if next year you are driving one of them…

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